Centre PAPAVER, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Philosophy of University of South Bohemia invites you to

11. Conference of Environmental Archaeology




The conference will take place 9th - 11th February 2015 in České Budějovice at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia

Humans, animals and plants in postglacial ecosystems of Europe and Northern Africa

Interdisciplinary studies in environmental archaeology create an effective space for understanding climatic, cultural, biogeographic and ecosystem dynamics. Main goal of this conference is achieving deeper insight to long-distance migrations of humans, animals and plants. Mainly latitudinal gradient dynamics will be explored, covering geographic space from North Africa across Central Europe to the coldest areas of far north. Synergistic outcomes of current environmental archaeology, paleoecology and biogeography will thus be demonstrated.


Deadline for registration is December 10th 2014


Abstracts should be uploaded till December 31st 2014

Register online here


The conference language is English!


NO REGISTRATION FEES REQUIRED - All participants can attend the conference free of charge.

We will highly appreciate if you would consider your participation and let us know in case you would be not able to come.


In case of any questions contact us at: kea.konference@gmail.com

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  • Scientific committee:

  • Miroslav Bárta
  • Jaromír Beneš
  • Michal Hejcman
  • René Kyselý
  • Lenka Lisá
  • Jaroslav Peška
  • Petr Pokorný
  • Ladislav Šmejda


  • Organising committee:

  • Alex Bernardová
  • Klára Paclíková
  • Veronika Komárková
  • LAPE & Institute of Archaeology, University of South Bohemia

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